Data Partners

Enhance the value of your research services by integrating with our open data resources

Apply Semantic Scholar AI models to increase the completeness and accuracy of your data and services

We currently partner with organizations like Microsoft Academic and Unpaywall to augment our scientific knowledge graph. We invite our data partners to use our API and Open Corpus to enhance their own data as part of our partnership:

Partner Testimonials


"Microsoft partnered with Semantic Scholar to integrate the Microsoft Academic Graph with Semantic Scholar's corpus of scientific research papers. The resulting corpus of 180M+ papers is one of the most comprehensive open representations of scientific research to be made available for search and discovery."

- Kuansan Wang, Managing Director, MSR Outreach Academic Services



"Unpaywall partnered with Semantic Scholar to power linking of papers in Semantic Scholar's index with open access metadata for more than 25 million research papers. Our data partnership enables both organizations to increase their impact by making scientific research more openly available to scholars across the globe."

- Jason Priem, Co-founder, Our Research

About Semantic Scholar

We are a team of researchers and engineers at the Allen Institute for AI building a smarter way to search and discover scientific knowledge, powered by state-of-the-art AI technology, completely free to use by scholars everywhere.